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Gideon Fence Inc. - Fence Contractor Stockton, Ione

Residential Wood Fence

Gideon Fence Inc. - Fence Contractor Stockton

Wood Fencing and Gates

Classic Wood Fence

With solid wood, you have multiple options for construction, including board on board, paddock and stockade style fencing. You can also add intricate latticework to the top of your fence or a custom top with a unique geometrical pattern for added height. Constructed of treated pine, Redwood or Cedar boards and fastened with coated ring shank nails, our pre-built panels are cost effective and easy to install.

If you’re a busy contractor or a do-it-yourself homeowner looking to build your own fence, you likely know that wood is one of the easiest materials to build a fence with. The natural beauty of a genuine wood fence is timeless. From stately picket fences to simple split rail styles, wood is as versatile a construction material as it is sturdy. We utilize only the highest quality materials in our fencing projects. There is nothing like the warmth and beauty of a natural wood fence. Wood fencing materials we offer include: Redwood and Cedar.

Wood Fence Varieties

Wood Privacy Fence

A wood privacy fence can be constructed as stockade style, board on board, or board on batten. It can be further customized with a decorative latticework to extend the height of the fence.

Wood Board Fence

Wood board fencing is a slight variation to the stockade style, where the boards are alternated on either side of the fence rail, creating a small gap between the boards when seen from an angle. This creates a slightly more open feel, allowing in light and air.

Wood Split Rail Fence

An affordable way to fence your property, split rail fences are also easy to install in nearly any location. If the open look and feel of split rail fencing is a must, but you require added security, you can add welded wire to your fence, in galvanized, white, green, or black.

Some good reasons to go with a wooden fence:

Sturdy construction
Sections are built with 2×3 panel backers (2×4 backers available)
Easy installation
Pre-built sections are easy to handle and no special tools are required
Cost effective
Wood is more economical than vinyl or composite alternatives
Natural beauty
Attractive appearance not clinical
Renewable resource
Materials harvested from managed forests